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The proven PKZM0 switches motors from 0.16 to 32 A. The short-circuit breaking capacity is now rated to 150 kA up to 12 A and 50 kA up to 32 A. The PKZM 4 also has a breaking capacity up to 50 kA. With this, current limiters become almost unnecessary. These motor-protective circuit-breakers are matched to the DIL contactor series, which is ideal for the configuration of motor-starter combinations.

Regardless of whether it is an integrated auxiliary contact, trip-indicating auxiliary contact, voltage release or door coupling rotary handle, the accessories can be used for both the PKZM0 and the PKZM4.

  • All setting ranges are short-circuit proof up to 50 kA (400V)
    - Short-circuit calculations and prefusing are not necessary
  • Common and comprehensive accessories for all sizes
    - Facilitates savings in logistics and engineering
  • Accessories (auxiliary contacts and shunt trips) are installed without tools
    - Reduces installation time
  • Electrically and mechanically compatible to the contactor series DIL
    -Same width for same performance, space-saving installation and transparent engineering
  • All conventional international approvals
    - Common engineering basis for different applications and export countries.

Manually actuated motor-protective circuit-breaker IEC/EN 60947-4-1, VDE 0660 part 102

Rotating handle with clear switch position display ON and OFF

In conjunction with accessories main switch and Emergency-Stop switch compliant to EN 60204 or VDE 0113

Isolating characteristics compliant to IEC/EN 60947-3

UL/CSA (incl. Types E and F) approvals for North American market

CCC approval for China

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  • Thermal-magnetic protection
  • Push button control
  • One size from 0.1A to 32A, Width = 44.5 mm 
  • One size from 0.37 to 15 Kw under 440V
  • Icu breaking capacity up to 100 kA
  • Designed to perform the essential motor starter and switching functions
  • Easy choice for simplicity and flexibility
  • Easy to install, easy to order, easy to understand
Simple machines for: HVAC, Pumps, Telecom, GenSet, Textile, Packaging, Conveyer, etc.
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Can be easily integrated with all configurations, thanks to their 55 mm standard width and mounting on DIN rail.

  • GV3 P Thermal-Magnetic Breaker:
  • 7 ratings from 9 to 65 A used for magnetic and thermal motor protection from 5.5 to 30 kW.
  • GV3 L Magnetic Breaker:
  • 5 ratings from 25 to 65 A used for magnetic motor protection from 11 to 30 kW.
  • Common characteristics: 
  • 50 kA Icu breaking capacity from 40 to 65A and 100 kA Icu from 9 to 32 A, complying with international standards and certifications.
  • Product compacity: 55 mm standard width provides an easier installation in the panel and space saving, mounting on DIN rail
  • Sturdiness and safety with 3-position rotary handle, front face padlocking.
  • Common additives parts for TeSys GV2 and GV3 ranges.
  • Benefits
A stronger, safer, and long-term connection
Designed with the new and ingeniousEverLink*  patented, power terminal system, The TeSys GV3 circuit-breaker provides a more reliable connection quality: the tightening pressure applied to the cables remains stable, strong and long-lasting even under tough conditions. Common additive parts to GV2 and GV3 ranges provide simplicity and significant installation time saving.
Industry, infrastructures, buildings:
Used for motor control and protection, complying with IEC 947-2 and IEC 947-4-1 standards.

*Schneider patent 
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  • Manual and local control, when the motor circuit-breaker is used on its own, and automatic and remote control when combined with a contactor
  • Motor protection provided by thermal-magnetic devices built into the circuit-breaker
  • No live parts are accessible to direct finger contact
  • The addition of an undervoltage trip enables the motor circuit-breaker to be tripped if voltage is lost
  • The addition of a shunt trip enables remote control of tripping
  • The control for the open or enclosed motor circuit-breaker can be locked in the “N/C" position using 3 padlocks
  • Connectors: spring terminal, screw clamp

Complete protection concentrated in a single product

Compact and simple to select, TeSys GV2 motor circuit-breakers are only 45 mm wide and are categorised
according to their level of performance and functions: type of control, breaking capacity, motor protection and accessories.
Industry, infrastructure, building, etc:
  • - Motor control and protection, in accordance with standards IEC 947-2 and IEC 947-4-1
  • - Easily inserted in any configuration by screw or clip-fixing onto mounting rails
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