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Compact NSX is the next-generation circuit breaker.


A power monitoring unit enhances their invariably impeccable protective functions. For the first time, users can monitor both energy and power, offering new performance in a remarkably compact device.

  • Integrated monitoring
  • New breaking capacities at 690 V
  • 100% service continuity
  • Simplicity of installation and use


  • Benefits

    Direct access to energy efficiency

    • Safety and protection
    • Energy measurement and control
    • Increased energy availability
  • Applications

    Protection and management of LV electrical installations:

    • Standard applications:  industries, buildings, infrastructures
    • Specific applications demanding high performance at controlled cost: Marine, Oil and Gas extraction and processing, mining operations, metals and minerals production, and data centers
    • Motor protection
    • Control and isolation using switch disconnectors
    • Source-changeover systems
    • The world's highest rated breaking capacity for the most demanding electrical installations, and ideal for high-efficiency, cost effective 690 V systems
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Addition of the Vigi module does not alter circuit-breaker characteristics:


  1. compliance with standards degree of protection
  2. class II front-face insulation
  3. positive contact indication electrical characteristics
  4. trip-unit characteristics installation and connection modes indication
  5. measurement and control auxiliaries installation and connection accessories.
Compliance with standards 
  1. IEC 60947-2, annex B.
  2. Decree dated 14 November 1988 (for France).
  3. IEC 60755
  4. class A immunity to DC components up to 6 mA operation down to -25 °C as per VDE 664
Remote indications

Vigi modules may be equipped with an auxiliary contact (SDV) to remotely signal tripping due to an earth fault.

Use of 4-pole Vigi module with a 3-pole Compact NSX

In a 3-phase installation with an uninterrupted neutral, an accessory makes it possible to use a 4-pole Vigi module with connection of the neutral cable.

Power supply

Vigi modules are self-supplied internally by the distribution-system voltage and therefore do not require any external source. They continue to function even when supplied by only two phases.

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By adapting to a whole host of LV applications, the Compact switches offer all the safety any user requires. Designed for maximum performance and safety, this comprehensive range is compatible with all of the Compact NS & NSX circuit-breakers.

  1. Voltage rating: 690 V 
  2. Nominal current: 80 to 3200 A  
  3. Categories: AC23A/AC22A   
  4. 2, 3 and 4-pole versions  
  5. Isolation with positive break indication  
  6. Additional functions for safety, remote control and comfort: earth leakage protection, MN/MX auxiliary trip units, remote control, ammeters  
  7. Wide range of common auxiliaries and accessories interchangeable on site  
  8. Magnetic trip unit with high threshold allowing self-protection of device  
  9. Compliance with international standards IEC 60947-1 and -3  
  10. Compliance with specifications of marine classification companies: Bureau Veritas, Lloyd’s Register of Shipping, Det Norske Veritas, etc.
  1. Suitable for a spectrum of LV applications: Adaptable
  2. Integrated solution: Space saving
  3. Easy-to-install: Time saving
  1. Industrial
  2. Hotels
  3. Data centres
  4. Logistics centres
  5. Educational establishments
  6. Healthcare
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