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With exclusive features, Acti 9 iTL DIN rail impulse relay is definitely geared to absolute safety.
  • Class-2 insulation : continuous safety for operators and unqualified personnel.
  • Rating: 16, 32 A N
  • Number of poles: 1P, 2P, 3P or 4P
  • Multiple control by push buttons
  • Control voltage: 230, 130, 48, 24 V AC; 110, 24, 12 V DC
  • Lifetime - total number of switching operations (AC21): 200,000 for iTL 16 A,
    50,000 for iTL 32 A
  • Compliance with standards EN 669-1, EN 669-2-2,
  • Built-in or optional auxiliary function: state indication, centralised control, latched control, control for illuminated PB, step-by-step control, time delay
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  • Easy to select, with a wide range compliant with DIN rail standard 
  • Peace of mind with a complete modular system
  • A simple clip-on system for flexible product and auxiliary combinations
  • Consistent with the entire Acti 9 offer
  • Compatible with all types of lighting
  • Control and monitoring of electrical circuits in all industrial, commercial and residential buildings.
  • Lighting management via several push buttons
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