Shipping & Payment

Shipping & Payment


1. The possible ways of payment in the e-shop are: credit or debit card, bank transfer, cash on delivery, in cash at the company's site and / or open account (credit limit). Possible methods of payment

2. In case of online payment or bank transfer, the Merchant is not responsible for the costs related to fees, commissions or other additional charges.

3. Payment through an open account (credit limit) is subject to an additional agreement between VALtronic OOD and the client.

Availability and delivery time

1. The e-shop shows information about the availability and / or delivery time of the offered products. This information is indicative and non-binding.

2. The client has the right to contact directly an employee of VALtronic Ltd. by phone, by e-mail or on site at the company's site to receive up-to-date information on availability and delivery time.

3. Valtronic Ltd. is not responsible for delays due to the fault of its supplier, courier or courier company.

4. In case of delay of the delivery due to the fault of VALtronic OOD, it is obliged to notify the Client as soon as possible.