Terms & conditions

1. Concepts

1.1.Targovetz is a company "VALTRONIC" Ltd., UIC: 175104359, registered at Ilia Beshkov 3 Str., Sofia, Bulgaria.

1.2.Electronic shop is the online trading platform with electronic address www.valtronic.bg.

1.3.Potrebitel / Customer any natural or legal person or other legal education that uses the services of the electronic shop in any manner, including, but not limited, as it examines performs orders through it, buy or engage in any other an activity related to the opportunities provided by the platform.

1.4.User Profile - an e-shop feature that allows the user / customer to make purchases by e-mail and password, as well as to store a history of already completed / completed orders.

1.5 Order - an electronic document that represents a request from the user / customer to purchase a product (s) from the electronic platform.

2. Subject

2.1 The present General Terms and Conditions regulate the way of functioning of the electronic shop of "VALTRONIC" Ltd. They are valid and binding for any user and / or customer who uses information from the e-shop and / or makes a purchase.

2.2.Obshtite conditions are an integral part of the contract of sale to be concluded automatically with each client in the purchase of products from the product range of "VALtronic" LTD provided in the e-shop.

2.3.Terms of service may be modified unilaterally by the Merchant at any time by updating them. They come into force immediately and are binding. In the event of a change, the Merchant undertakes to notify its users by publishing information in the Terms of Service section of the e-shop.

2.4.If, for some reason, some of the terms in the Terms of Use are inapplicable or invalid, this does not result in inapplicability or invalidation of the other texts.

2.5. In the event of a conflict between the general conditions and a signed agreement between "VALTRONIC" OOD and its client, the signed agreement shall be valid.

3. Use the e-shop

3.1. Online shop purchases are available only after user / customer registration. By signing up, the user expressly agrees to the terms and conditions and accepts them unconditionally.

3.2. Registration requires the provision of personal and / or corporate information to the consumer necessary for the sale. The user ensures that the information provided is complete, accurate and up to date.

3.3 "VALTRONIC" Ltd. reserves the right to refuse the sale if there is doubt as to the accuracy of the data provided.

4. Information in the online store

4.1 The technical information in the online store is provided by the companies producing the products concerned in order to facilitate the consumer but without being binding.

4.2 "VALTRONIC" Ltd. does not guarantee the completeness of the information provided and is not responsible for technical deficiencies in the information provided by the manufacturers.

4.3 "Valtronic" Ltd reserves the right to modify, remove and add information in the online store without informing consumers about it.


5.1.The online store displays prices both without and with VAT, and this is clearly stated.

5.2.The prices in the online store are non-binding to "VALTRONIC" Ltd. until their confirmation in the form of a Proforma invoice sent to a user-specified e-mail. Automatic confirmation of accepted order is NOT confirmation of prices.

5.3. In the event that VALTronic Ltd can not sell the prices specified in the electronic shop, the user will be informed in due time and will be given the opportunity to cancel or change his order.

5.4. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all prices are EXW to the object of VALTRONIC OOD.

6. Availability and delivery time

6.1.Electronic shop displays information about availability and / or delivery time of the products offered. This information is indicative and non-binding.

6.2.Klientat entitled to connect directly with an employee of the company "VALtronic" Ltd. by phone, email or at the premises of the company in order to receive updated information about availability and delivery time. 

6.3.Valtornik Ltd is not responsible for any delays due to the fault of its supplier, courier or courier company.

6.4. In case of delay of delivery due to the fault of "VALTRONIC" OOD, it is obliged to notify the Client as soon as possible. 

7. Product types 

7.1.Electronic store offers products available in stock and those that are to be ordered by the manufacturer on request of the customer. 

7.2.Products ordered on customer's request are NOT refundable by the customer.

7.3 "VALTRONIC" Ltd. reserves the right to require an advance payment or to refuse delivery of products that are not available in stock.

8. Payment
8.1. The possible ways of payment in the e-shop are: credit or debit card, bank transfer, cash on delivery, in cash at the company's site and / or open account (credit limit). The possible methods of payment may vary depending on the customer, the type of products ordered or the method of delivery.

8.2. In case of online payment or bank transfer, the Merchant is not responsible for the costs related to fees, commissions or other additional charges.

8.3. Payment through an open account (credit limit) is subject to an additional agreement between VALtronic OOD and the client.

9. Complaint and return of goods
9.1. Upon receipt of the goods, the customer is obliged to check for visible defects and defects, including, but not limited to: discrepancy between the order and the delivered products, damaged integrity of the packaging, transport defects, missing documents. The Customer is obliged to immediately inform the Merchant about the detected defects and in the presence of the person performing the delivery, to draw up a statement of findings.

9.2. In cases that the provisions of item 9.1. of the General Terms and Conditions are not fulfilled, the Client loses the right to claims at a later stage. This does not include cases where the claims are based on the product warranty.

9.3. The customer, who has the quality of a consumer within the meaning of the CPA, has the right, without paying compensation or penalty, and without stating a reason, to withdraw from the purchase contract by returning the goods within 14 (fourteen) working days. days from the date of its receipt. He should send a statement of withdrawal and return the goods with their original labels, without indications that the goods have been used, without being damaged or treated in any way, with intact integrity, fully completed together with all accompanying documents, including instructions for use, declaration of conformity, warranty card, etc., without any external or internal defects, in the original and placed by the manufacturer packaging, as well as in all other conditions under Article 55 of the Consumer Protection Act.

9.4. The client's right under item 9.3. expires with his explicit consent that part or all of the products of his order are non-refundable.

10. Warranty
10.1 The products offered in the online store have a commercial guarantee provided by the manufacturer. Unless otherwise stated, the guarantee is valid for 1 (one) year after the issuance of an invoice or other payment document.

10.2. The decisions on warranty claims depend on the manufacturer and the customer agrees with them.

10.3. VALtronic Ltd., in its role of intermediary between the customer and the manufacturer, has the obligation to hand over to the manufacturer the products subject to the warranty claim and all accompanying information provided by the customer.

10.4. In case of a positive decision of the manufacturer, VALtronic Ltd. will replace the product or refund the amount to the customer. In case of a negative decision, VALtronic Ltd. will return the original product to the customer with the official opinion of the manufacturer.

11. Protection of personal data
11.1. Valtronic Ltd., in its capacity of Personal Data Administrator, entered in the "Register of Personal Data Administrators" with ID №32020 of 14.11.2011 according to the Personal Data Protection Act, guarantees the highest degree of personal data protection of all users / customers of the e-shop. This data is collected and processed only with the express consent of each user / customer who accepts these "General Terms".

11.2. Personal data will not be provided to third parties, will be processed lawfully and in good faith and will be used only for the purposes of the online store. This obligation of Valtronic Ltd. is waived in case of ill-intentioned provision of incorrect data by the user / client.