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Wiring devices combined with remarkable design and broad functions

- A flexible, attractive and features-rich wiring device range that comes in a variety of designs and finishes, featuring more than 150 practical functions.

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Odace Styl: A sober design with clean lines and neutral tones: white, aluminium

engue wood for aluminium finishing.

The functions are available in white or aluminium colour and meet the following requirements

Odace also offers innovative accessories for end-users such as USB power supply, cell phone support, tuner FM etc.

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A system with many combination possibilities, makes it one of the most flexible switch ranges around. Design and surface options can be exchanged and combined with each other without having to replace the insert.The system offers not only a wide array of design, but also most flexibility.

System M offers flexibility and great variety of functions:

  • Socket-outlets, switches and push-buttons
  • Inserts for blind and temperature control, TV or audio and data technology
  • Movement and presence detectors, thermostats, dimmers and time switches.
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The Sedna range

meets all functional comfort and security needs in the home.The innovations and technical benefits it offers make installation easy and save time for professionals and individuals alike.The mechanisms come in 4 colours and can be mixed and matched with 6 shades of cover frames which offers a selection of finishes: basic colors and metallic ones.More than 70 functional units to manage your home.

  • A wide choice of switches and push-buttons (pilot lamp, symbol marking, etc.).
  • Comfort functions that allow improved management of energy consumption at the same time (thermostats, dimmers, motion detectors, etc.)
  • Sockets with built-in child protection
  • As well as an assortment of connection sockets for Internet, phone, TV/SAT, etc
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Asfora delivers everything today’s wiring devices should.

The sleek, elegant design harmonizes perfectly with virtually any interior. Much like your favorite fashion accessory, Asfora is the final touch that says you.”As pleasing to the touch as they are to the eye, Asfora products are made from high-quality materials that won’t yellow over time.And, with a range of functions designed for your comfort, Asfora keeps delivering performance day in, day out.

When it comes to reliable wiring devices for your home, Asfora is quite simply the right choice at the right price.2 colours, 1 aesthetic, 15 basic functions

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