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Selos – DIN Rail Terminal Blocks with Screw Connection

Reliable connection, proven concept! selos is our DIN rail terminal block with screw connection, solid and functional, known worldwide, and in use millions of times over. The selos series combines the classic screw connection with modern connection technology, with the focus on customer benefits and increased efficiency in wiring and the supply chain. The selos classic series offers the highest-quality connecting technology. Thanks to its unique clamping body design, aluminum or copper wire connections are long-lasting and maintenance-free. The selos product line includes feed-through and ground blocks with 2, 3 or 4 termination points, multi-tier blocks in two- and three-tier designs, knife-edge disconnect blocks and fuse blocks. In addition, specialty function blocks are available with a wide variety of diode circuits and diverse application-specific terminals, such as transformer disconnect terminals. selos has been designed for use in machinery and plant construction as well as hazardous locations subject to explosion. Connection cross-section up to 300 mm² Rated current up to 520 A Rated voltage up to 1000 V

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Fasis WTP

Do you want to terminate wires easily, directly and without tools?
Fasis WTP are DIN rail terminal blocks with push-in connections. With an effective and comprehensive concept as well as compact design and high-performance contact technology, Fasis WTP reduces installation time and inventory costs to a minimum.

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The DIN rail terminal block with tension spring technology: fasis is easy to operate, saves time and costs during wiring and reduces inventory costs, and guarantees vibration-proof and maintenance-free connections with high contact forces.

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Why you should choose Selos POWER LINE? 

Selos POWER LINE is designed for use in mechanical and plant engineering, railed travel and in battery applications.
WIeland offers a program which was especially developed for high current applications. The portfolio includes feed through blocks, and ring lug terminals. The type RFK feed through blocks in 4 different cross sections between 94 and 240 mm² and different types of connection are available.

Ring lug terminals augment the Selos POWER LINE product line. Blocks with ring lug sizes from M6 to M12 are available for the connection of wires with crimped cable shoes.
Extensive accessories optimize the Selos POWER LINE for a wide variety of applications.

Rated cross section : 95 mm² to 240 mm²
Rated voltage : 1000 V
Rated current : 415 A


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Wieland offers a variety of product-specific accessories for its terminal blocks, for example covers and isolating plates as well as assembly materials such as mounting rails or tools for working with their products.
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